Food In Seoul | Coreanos in Itaewon

If you’re looking for global foods with a more authentic taste, Itaewon is the place to go. Itaewon is known as the foreigner’s district. You’ll find restaurants with different types of food from all around.

Coreanos is one of the few Mexican restaurants in Seoul that serves authentic Mexican food, or as authentic as you can get in Korea. There were a lot of American soldiers there, so it seems be one of the popular restaurants for foreigners.


They have burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and more. It is a little on the pricey side, but considering that it is difficult to find this anywhere else in Korea, it’s worth the price you pay.

Plus the view is really nice! The nice weather helped (even though it was a little hazy that day).


The food looks and tastes amazing. The staff were really kind and some of them spoke English as well. And the decor of the restaurant gives off a really nice atmosphere. We highly recommend going here at least once if you like to try the different foods in Korea.


**Sorry for the late posts again. Midterms are finally over, so we should get back to posting on a regular basis.^^


– Lila & Lillian

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