Busan | Jagalchi Market

Another short post ^^ This time on the Jagalchi Market in Busan!

Photo Credit to Korea Tourism Organization

This market is one of Busan’s best attractions. For those who love seafood, this is the place to visit. There is both an inside and outside to the market where there are a variety of fish, crustaceans, etc. You can buy the fish cooked if you wish, or you can buy it to take home to cook or take it to one of the many restaurants inside the market to have it cooked for you.

I would recommend finding the type of fish or seafood you want to eat before going. It really helps when looking around the market. For us, we didn’t know anything, so it was a bit confusing, and we didn’t know where to go. Lillian wanted to eat tuna and salmon sashimi, but it wasn’t available at this fish market. There was only white fish(i.e. flat fish). We ended up going into a restaurant and choosing from their menu.

It was a little expensive (30-50,000 Won), but the food is fresh and very delicious.

This is similar to what we had. It totally slipped our minds to take pictures ^^;;

We got the Seafood Stew (해물된장). It had squid, octopus, shrimp, and clams. It was a little spicy, but not too bad. Lillian had no problem with the spiciness, but she did burn the roof of her mouth. Overall, we would say it’s definitely worth the price. The cute waiters were an added bonus. Hahahahahha.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post. Stay tuned for our next post! If you have questions, or would like to learn more about Busan and the Jagalchi Market, feel free to to contact us.

– Lila & Lillain

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