Seoraksan National Park | Day 1 + Vlog

Hi everyone!

This will be the first of our last posts on trips that we’ve gone on while in South Korea ㅠㅠ . It’s hard to believe that 4 months have already passed. To keep these posts shorter, we’ll be splitting this into 3 posts: Day 1 + Vlog, Day 2 and Day 3.


Our last trip was to Seoraksan National Park, as you can tell from the title. We booked this trip with Adventure Korea. This group organizes various trips through the year. All-in-all, this trip was well organized. There were a few hiccups and we did run a bit behind schedule, but everything turned out pretty well.

This trip took place over the Memorial Day weekend (Memorial Day in Korea takes place on June 6th), so we had 3 days to do hiking. We left early Saturday morning and got to Seoraksan around 12 pm.


We had bibimbap for lunch. For some reason, I (Lila) did not expect too much, but it was actually really good.

After eating, we headed to the Seoraksan National Park. There were 3 hiking options: difficult, medium, and easy. We decided to go with the medium and easy options, considering the fact that I was sick and Lillian was planning to go on the 11 hour hike the next day.

The medium option included a cable car ride and a bit of a hike. You’ll be able to see parts of the cable car ride up if you watch our vlog, but here are some pictures of the view from the top. It was so beautiful.

After this part, we headed back down and made our way towards the “waterfall”. It took quite a while, almost 45 minutes to get to there. And then there was about another 400 meter hike to an observation tower, but considering the time constraint, we opted out of going to that and just headed back after taking a few pictures.

See that tiny waterfall? Can that be considered a waterfall? haha…

Anyways, after this hike, we got back to the bus and headed to our motel. It was about an hour long ride, so it was dark by the time we arrived. We got the key to our room, dropped off our stuff and then went out for dinner with some of the other travelers.

That pretty much wraps up the first day.

As always, thank you for reading! ^^

– Lila & Lillian

To find out more about Adventure Korea, you can browse their website here.

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