Final Reflections | Lila

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are having a great summer. I’m finally sitting down and putting my final thoughts about together to share with you guys.

To start off, I had a great time in South Korea. I definitely learned a lot about myself, the country, the culture and the city of Seoul. I was able to make new friends and experience so many new things, but there are so many more things that I wish I could have done. (I guess that just means I have to go back someday ^^).

Before going to South Korea, I promised myself that I would try to step out of my comfort zone, that I would try things I’d never imagine I try. I think I was able to do that—to an extent. Perhaps I could have pushed myself further. But after reflecting on my experiences, I believe I did my best. I am very introverted and shy, so being able to go to a different country and live there for 4 months was a challenge. Meeting new people and making new friends wasn’t the easiest, but I was able to meet a lot of different people and make new friends who I can hopefully keep in touch with.

The most important thing I learned while abroad is that while you may not connect with everyone you talk with, while you may not agree with their ideas and opinions, you can always learn something from them. Even if you don’t keep in touch with some people you meet after you return, the time you spent with them will be something great to look back on.

If I must recommend one thing—besides studying abroad, of course—it is to reflect on each and every one of your experiences. There is something to take away from everything that happens to you and around you. A lot with happen while you are abroad, so unless you reflect on them, it can be hard to be fully aware of what each experience is teaching you.

Thank you for following Lillian and I on our adventures in South Korea. Hopefully, this won’t be our last posts, but if they are, we hope you enjoyed reading our posts and watching our vlogs. ♡♡ 고마워용~~

~ Lila


Seoraksan National Park | Day 3

Hi everyone!

There’s not much to say about our 3rd day of the trip, but we would like to share some pictures with you all. Hope you like them


– Lila & Lillian

P.S. Again, this trip was booked through Adventure Korea. They have a variety of trips planned throughout the year, so make sure to check them out if you’re interested in traveling around Seoul or South Korea. You can find their website here.

Seoraksan National Park | Day 2

Hi everyone!

This is 2nd post on our trip to Seoraksan. Sorry for the late upload.

This was the day that Lillian and I (Lila) split up. This post will be on my portion of the trip, since you can view most of Lillian’s trip in the vlog.

For day 2, I decided to spend it at the beach. My cough had not let up, so I didn’t want to irritate my lungs anymore with an 11 hour hike. We left about an hour or two after the hiking group. I was a little worried, because it was so cloudy that morning, but thankfully, it cleared up by the time we reached the beach. The water was so beautiful.

As mentioned in the video, there were things like surfing, snorkeling and zip-lining. It was kind of fun to watch the people surfing, because there weren’t really any waves, haha. I don’t know how fun it would have been worth it though. I had already done zip-lining at Nami, so I didn’t want to do it again. That meant I spent the entire day just lying on the beach and enjoying the sun. (You can see a picture of the starfish we found above. Pretty cool, huh?)

For lunch, most of the restaurants had a 40 minute- 1 hour waiting time. A little bit ridiculous, I think. There didn’t seem to be that many people. So I and some of the other people in our group decided to walk around until we found a decent place with less of a waiting time. We did find this little pizza place with a 10-15 minute waiting time, so we thought this would be better than the other places, but when we got our food, it was disappointing. Their “pizza” was more dough with barely any sauce and no cheese and barely any toppings. My mouth started hurting after a while from the rough dough.

(on a side note: their fries were good) Besides the food, the rest of the day was pretty good.

This wraps up my day at the beach and our second day of the trip.

Thanks for reading, everyone! As always, feel free to leave comments or email us questions if you would like to know more about our trip. Stay tuned for another post soon.

– Lila & Lillian