Final Reflections | Lillian

Now that I am back in California, there is a lot of things I miss about South Korea. I actually just talked to Lila on the phone yesterday and it felt so weird because I wasn’t going down the elevator and knocking on the door or meeting her in the lobby to go grab dinner. I think for sure the one thing I miss the most about South Korea are the people, because I made some amazing friends who were all so great. It is truly that sense of, “You don’t know how much you appreciate something, until it is gone.” However it is really nice to see my family and friends back home.

I definitely changed and found a part of myself that I wouldn’t have while going to South Korea. I think another thing I really miss and wished for right now is the freedom to make my own decisions and do what I want. I think freedom allowed me to try new things that I normally wouldn’t have, knowing that there were my risks to take. Another thing South Korea really taught me was to be more carefree-in the sense of meeting people. I used to be nervous about people not liking me, but honestly, South Korea gave me this sense of not caring about what others think, and I came back with that thought thinking that things happen for a reason. There are other many things that South Korea had a great impact on my life, but for right now these are the ones that stand out to me the most and I wanted to share it with those reading Lila and my blog.

South Korea ~ you were a great journey for me and I will never forget the memories you have left within my life.

– Lillian