Busan | Sweet Stream Cafe

Hello everyone!

This past weekend, we were in Busan~~^^. We have a lot of footage and photos to share with you, but due to our schedules, we may not be able to upload our vlog until next week. Until then, we’ll be uploading some posts as sneak peaks.

Starting with…the Sweet Stream Cafe. There’s nothing really special about this cafe, but it was really cute and the atmosphere was really nice (the background music was Yiruma’s River Flows in You). The owner was very kind as well.



It was located at the bottom on the Gamcheon Cultural Village Hill, right by the bus stop where we could take the bus to the Jagalchi Market.

While waiting for the bus, we decided to cool off with smoothies and charge our dying phones, haha. We also got a waffle as a small snack. It was delicious.KakaoTalk_20160504_010400710

This cafe was a perfect place to take a short break before moving on to our next location: The Jagalchi Market (자갈치 시장) and the BIFF Square.

Hope you guys like this short post.Stay tuned for more sneak peaks ^^

– Lila & Lillian